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Build a hierarchy in Tableau

One of the most useful things for me in Tableau is the ability to create a hierarchy in a few seconds. I have used this for building product hierarchies – i.e. product category, subcategory, group, etc – and also for reporting on regional data – i.e. Country, State, County, City, etc, which is great for using on maps (assuming you have a longitude and latitude at the bottom of the hierarchy).

Creating a tableau hierarchy is really simple. Using the ctrl key select the dimensions you want to be in your hierarchy, right click and ‘Create Hierarchy’. Once the hierarchy is created it’s simple to put into the correct order, just drag and drop the dimensions in the hierarchy into the correct position.

This bullet chart uses a Category – Sub category – Product hierarchy to display YoY sales. Hovering near the word Category displays a + or – sign. Click on these to navigate up and down the hierarchy.

If you want to know how to create a bullet chart please see my other post on creating a bullet chart in Tableau.