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Starting out with Alteryx

With all of the buzz around Alteryx currently I’ve decided to try and learn to use it in my spare time. In my day job the current project I’m working on doesn’t include any Tableau or Alteryx unfortunately so I will be doing this in my spare time (which is currently very limited…) and hopefully will find some nice ‘real world’ challenges on which to test it out.

Initial thoughts on Alteryx are that it should make combining multiple disparate data sources far quicker and easier than building out a SQL database as I currently would do. It’ll be interesting to see if this actually works in practice as in the real world some of the data sets can contain some nasty data that needs to be cleaned up. It also appears at first glance that some knowledge of how databases work, how to join data, etc, is required to make good use of the Join tools within Alteryx.

Also predictive analytics looks far simpler. I currently have a very basic knowledge of R and am hoping Alteryx will mean I don’t need to learn more R as I’ll be able to use Alteryx instead.

To begin I downloaded Alteryx Project Edition

Once installed when Alteryx is opened a pop up screen appears containing some basic tutorials (click on Open Tutorials) which I have run through as my basic training.

Alteryx Splash Screen

Next I plan to track down some real world cases where I could have used Alteryx and give it a better run out.

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