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Making Dashboards Relevant

March 11th, 2014 Comments off

Recently I’ve seen a lot of sexy dashboards created in Tableau, doing some very cool things. It got me thinking, these look great but actually they’re useless, the report users would look at them once, think “wow”, and then never use them again as they’re not providing any useful information.

If you’re building reports remember why you’re doing it – to provide meaningful and actionable information, and supplying the information in as few clicks as possible to the user. Don’t make your reports like an Aston Martin without an engine – i.e. looks great but not useful for the main requirement it needs to meet. If you can make dashboard sexy that’s great but remember the main purpose of the report is information supply.

Tableau Dimensions as Columns in a Table

December 18th, 2012 7 comments

If you have created tables in Tableau you might have noticed once you get to a six dimension columns  in the table the left hand columns begin to merge into one column. This only happens when using dimensions as column headers, not measures as when displaying multiple measures in a table this can be achieved by putting only 1 pill, the Measure Names, on the shelf. If you want to know how to add measures read my article describing how to display multiple measures in a table.

Tableau is not really designed for showing tabular data but sometimes it’s useful to show line item data as part of a drill down in a table, or perhaps you need to create a report specifically with the purpose of exporting Tableau to Excel. Read more…

Developing a BI Roadmap

January 6th, 2012 1 comment

I recently read this in another article and found this extract very useful so thought I’d note it down. It’s a guide to developing a BI roadmap and I find the diagram, the BI Ladder to Success, especially helpful for just showing the things I believe BI should supply. I don’t necessarily they should be a ladder as such as this implies one is dependent on the other, but if your company is very strong on Step 1 – Standard Reports, for example, then the other things further up the ladder become far easier. If standard reporting is weak you’ll find the other steps are still possible but are likely to be far more complex and time consuming.

This is the BI Ladder to Success and can be used when trying to evaluate where you are right now in your organisation and help guide to where you want to get to. If you are working in a business intelligence role it is definitely worth having annual or bi-annual reviews of your BI roadmap. Read more…