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Tableau Hide Null Values

September 14th, 2011 5 comments

Depending on the circumstances there are 2 general ways to hide Null values in Tableau.

1. Format the pill and hide the null values

Hide Nulls in Tableau

Select Hide in the Special Values section of the pane. For further explanation I have written about this previously.

2. Drag the pill into the filter section and hide null values using the Special section. Read more…

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Tableau hiding null values in line chart

You might notice that Tableau assigns null data values in a line chart with a value of 0 (zero) on the X axis. For example you’re trending this year and the previous years data for sales (or whatever metric) with the months on the X axis and the sales on the Y. If it’s mid year then future months won’t have any sales data as they haven’t yet happened. This default assigning of null values to 0 can be inaccurate depending on the report and at times it’s necessary to hide null values in Tableau.

This post is written in May 2011 and in the diagram you see below, using some dummy data, you see Tableau includes the future values, from June to December 2011, which haven’t yet happened, giving them a 0 value. Read more…

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