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SSRS Add Line Feed to Textbox

September 7th, 2011 No comments

To add a line feed to a textbox in SSRS is quite simple – in the textbox expression where you want to add the line feed type: ‘& VbCrLf &’

For example

The expression: =”To add a line feed in SSRS” & VbCrLf & VbCrLf & “Use the VbCrLf function”


‘To add a line feed in SSRS


Use the VbCrLf function’

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Link Tableau to SSRS

I’ve had a few visitors coming to the site searching for how to link Tableau to SSRS so I thought I’d write a quick post on how I’ve done it.

You need to make use of the URL action in Tableau, which you use in a dashboard. To be wanting to know how to link from Tableau to SSRS I am asuming a basic familiarity with Tableau dashboards. You will need a dashboard to make the link work.

To begin you need to create a dashboard and put whatever graphs, etc, you want on it. Next we need something on the dashboard from which to create our URL Action to take us to our SSRS report. Unfortunately there aren’t any controls such as buttons in Tableau so we need to create a new worksheet to act as our ‘button’. Read more…

Report Design – Design Reports for the Audience

For reports to be used they have to be designed for the audience. When you design reports you need to think about the audience and the questions they are trying to answer. This will enable you to decide the best reporting software and the correct reporting level. I have delved into this subject in more depth in another post about turning data into information.

I picture reports as fitting into 1 of 4 possible levels. This isn’t a rigid structure and these levels are related but for me it’s a good starting point and helps me choose the best software to use. Read more…

Tableau vs Xcelsius vs SSRS

March 19th, 2011 15 comments

All of the report software I’ve used has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Here a quick overview of Tableau vs Xcelsius and SSRS, .

Xcelsius – a dashboard tool


  • Looks great – has the ‘wow’ factor for any first time report viewer
  • Flexible – all of the dashboard components need to be assembled and populated with data. There are many different components so the dashboard can show whatever you want in whatever way you want it
  • Easy to use – it’s driven from an Excel spreadsheet. Each dashboard component needs to be joined to cells in Excel which even a complete beginner can do. Excel skills are actually more important than knowing how to use Xcelsius


Read more…

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